XML DataControl

Welcome to the ADF EMG XML DataControl.

This is an Open Source project by the ADF Enterprise Methodology Group. It offers a DataControl for Oracle's Application Development Framework that makes it extremely easy to consume XML content in an ADF application. At the same time the data control is highly configurable with custom providers and Java annotations.

The data control itself has been in development since 2012 and has recently been made available to the open source community under the Apache License 2.0. It is compatible with JDeveloper 11.1.1.x and JDeveloper 12.1.2.x. It has been used on a number of projects at different large Oracle customers in the Netherlands. More details will be presented at Oracle OpenWorld 2014.


Developer's Guide

If you want to use the ADF XML DataControl in your project


Contributor's Guide

If you want to build your own and hopefully contribute back to the project

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